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What services must be performed on your vehicle? Why?

Regularly maintaining your vehicle is the best way to protect your investment.
Proper maintenance is essential to your safety and the safety of your passengers
Service: Lube/Oil & Filter Change
Why? The oil and filter collects contaminants that will damage your engine if they are not removed regularly.
Service: Battery
Why? Battery terminals will corrode, causing a poor connection between the battery post and cable. An improper charge to the battery and a no start condition will result.
Service: Cooling System
Why? The cooling system service prevents corrosion which causes the cooling system to malfunction or fail.
Service: Rotate Tires
Why? To obtain maximum tire mileage and performance.
Service: Transmission
Why? The transmission oil collects contaminants that can damage your transmission
Service: Valve Adjustment
Why? Proper valve clearance is critical to maintain engine performance and fuel economy.
Service: Air Filter
Why? The air filter will become dirty, restricting air flow. This causes a loss of fuel economy and engine performance.
Service: Spark Plug
Why? Spark plug electrodes will corrode and cause a loss of fuel economy and engine performance if not replaced.
Service: Brake Fluid Replacement
Why? Brake fluid is a hydroscopic fluid which absorbs moisture and will lead to premature failure of various brake system components.
Service: Brake Inspection (Front/Rear)
Why? Brake linings need to be checked for cracking, glazing, contamination and wear.
Service: Timing Belt Replacement
Why? Belts will wear and/or crack. This will result in belt breakage and engine damage.
Service: Parking Brake Adjustment
Why? Brake lining wear and cables will stretch causing the brake to malfunction.